Coronavirus: … At the end of May, 4 crore Indians will not have a mobile phone

Coronavirus: Lockdown has led to widespread use of the Internet and smartphones at home.


New Delhi: The corona virus has spread worldwide. Corona has announced a lockdown in the country until May 3. Due to the lockdown, internet and smartphones are being used extensively at home. Many people are using smartphones more and more to play games, watch videos, make phone calls. But in the meantime, an important thing related to the phone has come to the fore. Ban on phone sales and mobile phone repair shops are closed during the lockdown period. If the ban is not lifted, by the end of May, as many as 4 crore Indians will have no mobile phones.

The India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) on Friday (April 24) feared that if the ban on lockdowns remained in place, four crore mobile users in the country would not be able to use their mobiles by the end of May. The ICEA has claimed in its report that it has approached several people in the government, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demanded that mobile services be included in the essential services. He also said that if there is no mobile, many people will have to live in a very difficult situation and that is why mobile should be included in the essential services.

“The Indian mobile market is huge. Out of the total mobiles per month, 0.25 per cent cases are related to mobile shutdown. There are currently 85 crore mobile users in India. As a result, 2.5 crore mobile users have lost their phones at the moment and cannot afford to buy a new one. The ban on mobile sales and the closure of repair shops are the two main reasons behind this” the ICEA said.

Smartphones are now a necessity and can be seen in the hands of everyone from young to old. Smartphones are kept in many places. With the rapid spread of the corona, many users were questioning how long the corona virus can stay on smartphones. Research has now come to the fore in this regard. According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), the original SARS-CoV can survive on a glass surface for 96 hours, or 4 days. Like the SARS, the corona can live up to 4 days on a glass surface. The Corona can survive not only on smartphones but also on devices with glass surfaces such as smartwatches, tablets or laptops. So it is important to be careful. For this, the smartphone needs to be cleaned from time to time.