For Driving the wrong side on Manish Nagar RUB, ROB ; Cops penalize 150 motorists

Nagpur: Chaos and confusion continue to reign on the Wardha Road double-decker flyover, Manish Nagar railway overbridge (ROB), and railway under the bridge (RUB) as motorists use the uni-directional flyover as a bi-directional one in a bid to take a shortcut.

The three-way flyover, inaugurated recently, connects people from Manish Nagar to Wardha Road. There is a traffic mess on the flyover, officials of MahaMetro, the agency which constructed it, were seen erecting traffic signages at many places at both Manish Nagar RUB and ROB.

Deputy commissioner of police (traffic) Sarang Awad asked city traffic police to initiate strict action against the violators. Traffic police had on Tuesday evening caught at least 150 citizens using the flyover wrong side.

According to the plan, motorists coming from the Manish Nagar side only are allowed to use the ROB that connects with the double-decker flyover on Wardha Road. People coming from Ajni are not allowed to take the ROB. Similarly, those going toward Ajni or Somalwada from Manish Nagar are required to reach Pride Hotel using the ROB and then use the double-decker flyover to reach their destination.

However, most motorists, especially two-wheeler riders, were seen violating the rules and using both the ROB and RUB. Commuters were seen accessing the ROB at the intersection of the double-decker flyover in the wrong direction to take a shortcut to Manish Nagar. Similarly, people were found taking the wrong side at the RUB to reach Somalwada.

The wrong side driving can prove dangerous due to one of the blind turns at the RUB stretch, pointed out experts. MahaMetro in a statement on Wednesday said signage has been provided at vantage points on the flyover. Adequate LED lights as per Indian Road Congress standards have been installed. Some signage – fixed at different locations — highlights the need to follow the rules as written there.

Someone coming from the airport and wanting to go to Manish Nagar has to take the road below and turn right at the desired location to travel through RUB. Also, one traveling towards the city airport is free to travel either using flyover or the road beneath. Moreover, this arrangement is temporary and subject to change from the concerned authorities, reads the statement by the MahaMetro.

MahaMetro has also approached the traffic department of Nagpur police for a detailed traffic plan for the ROB and RUB. MahaMetro would make necessary changes, if any, sought by the local police for the smooth running of the traffic.