Construction of new DP road on Zero Mile gets the deadline of 15-day for completion.

Nagpur: Finally almost two years the civic administration is accelerating the construction of new DP road from Zero Mile Metro Station to Nagpur University. The 110 meters length of road construction takes over 2-years signifies the need for drastic change in approach of executing public projects in city.

Recently the corporators along with Chairperson of Civil Works Committee undertook spot visit and as usual issued instructions to civic officials to complete construction at the earliest.

In fact, civic release said the corporators have set a deadline of 15-day for the completion of road. During construction the contractor realised the difficulty in adjusting alignment and he conveyed the matter to civic officials. By the time revised order for changes in bridge design was approved much water had flown down the river.

The new DP road was sanctioned to provide direct connectivity from Tekdi Road to Civil Lines. It would have saved circuitous movement for road users and also has potential to decongest central parts of city. Now that corporators have set the deadline it remains to be seen whether civic officials can manage to finish the pending work within next fortnight.

Abhay Gotekar, Chairperson, Civil Works Committee, along with other members inspected the ongoing work on Thursday. Manoj Talewar, Superintendent, Public Works Department, NMC; Sonali Chavan, Executive Engineer, Manoj Gadre, and Deputy Engineer, briefed the corporators about the progress of the DP road.

Almost 90 per cent of the road work stands completed and officials said delay occurred due change in planning. Gotekar said the delay is cannot be condoned and officials of PWD need to revisit their strategies in future while planning to ensure that it is foolproof and should not be cited as excuse for not adhering to deadline in public projects.