Child abuse and Molestation: The king of hell, Hades, slowly, tries to turn Nagpur into the Vale Of Shadows.


Nothing is more beautiful than freedom, and nothing more grotesque than its molestation.”
-Bryant McGill.

Nagpur: The city that’s given life to many beautiful souls, some people that reside here I’m very close to. The city that carries the love letter of life, the essence of it in every breathe we take. It’s heartbreaking to witness such a monstrous act that took place in this soulful city of ours on 29th of December.
29th Dec surely didn’t turn out the day like other days. Where the townspeople felt at home, no matter in whatever part of the city they were. But, on 29th Dec the scenario changed. Two monstrous incidents surfaced in Nagpur that day, turning the city upside down thus bringing the Vale Of Shadows upon it.

According to the sources, the first incident took place at around 1:30pm on Friday afternoon. It’s a case of child abuse and molestation. Coming to the point, the 10 year old girl was asked to go to a grocery shop for the purchase of murmura (puffed rice). The girl and her mother are the residents of Shantinagar. So, the girl went to the shop of accused Dilip Kisan Parse (45), who’s a resident of Telipura, Pevtha.
There, at his shop, the girl asked Dilip for murmura (puffed rice), but instead he took advantage of the situation and took her to his house and molested her by indulging in vulgar, obscene acts.

After she returned to her home, she tried to put all that happened to her into words, with tears in her eyes she narrated the nasty incident to her mother. Who instantly headed to Shantinagar police station and registered a case.
The police feeling the tyranny of the incident, acted almost instantly, and arrested the accused Dilip Parse. ASI Kushwaha who’s handling the case, booked the accused under sections 354 (A) (1) of the IPC read with sub-sections 6, 8 of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCOS). The police is further investigating the matter.

The second incident did take place in Mankapur on Friday at around 10pm. The 30 year old claimant told the police that whilst she was sitting at the gate of her house, accused Devendra Shyamlal Pandey (28) suddenly caught hold of her hand and resorted to indecent acts. Further adopting the inhuman form he even hurled abuses at her family members and also threatened to kill them.

According to the survey conducted by Humanitarian Aid Organisation World Vision India, in India, one in every two children become victim of sexual abuse. The organization also revealed that one in every five do not feel safe because of the fear of being sexually abused. Despite one in every two children being a victim of Child Sexual Abuse, there stands a huge silence.

Speaking of the Capital of India, in Delhi, an average of 6 rapes and 15 molestations blanket the city with darkness each day. The statistics of 2015 are most likely the highest if we consider the span of last 15 years. In 2015, Delhi witnessed 5,192 cases of molestation, 2,095 cases of rape and 82 cases that comes under POCSO Act. And, other lots that haven’t been reported. You feel the horror of it?
There are a few things that’d possibly help minimize the rate and if we raise a long term resolution to its full potential the picture would change soon.
(1) Cut poverty.
(2) Improve education. And, encourage mixed classrooms. For people mostly have same sex friends, and thus they tend to be repressed about sex and related issues. Too much of it turns to perversion and crime.
(3) Provide sex education at elementary and senior school level.
(4) Promote the welfare of a girl child.
(P. S. Don’t accept an evil you can change.)