Nagpur couple earning 15 Lakhs give up jobs to sell tea

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From software engineers to selling tea, the journey has been a bumpy ride for this couple in Nagpur, India, but they are loving every bit of it.

Nitin Biyani and his wife Pooja both worked as software engineers in Pune, India, and used to earn Rs. 15 lakh per annum. However, they decided to leave their careers behind and pursue their dream of doing something unique. That’s how they opened a tea shop ‘ Chai Villa , refresh yourself’ in Nagpur’s CA Road five months ago which sells over 15 types of tea and coffee.

“Chai Villa sells more than fifteen types of tea and coffee, offers various kinds of snacks too, and also takes orders through WhatsApp and Zomato. The stall also has special containers for delivering tea in offices, banks, and hospitals. We have also hired a lot of people and want to expand our chain,” Nitin Biyani was quoted as saying in NDTV.

“I have been working for 10 years as an engineer in companies like IBM and Cognizant, but my wife and I wanted to something different in life so we started this shop and now we at Chai Villa earn up to Rs 5 lakh every month,” he added.

Nitin added that the shop which uses updated technology, created a lot of buzz on social media networking sites when launched. One of the customers, Hritesh, said, “I like this place ( Chai Villa ) as we get different types of tea at affordable prices here and it is very hygienic.”

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