Based on the Constitutional Rights of Every Indian Citizen, Film Titled ’26 November’ Had Been Announced


Nagpur: Every year the country celebrates 15 August as Independence Day and 26 January as Republic Day. But the date of 26 November is equally important for citizens of our country. A few years back the Government of India through its General Notification (GR) announced 26 November as the Constitution Day. Hence, it can be seen that gradually people are getting aware about the significance of celebrating 26th November as Constitution Day, and now people have started giving equal importance to celebrating the day as they celebrate Independence Day or Republic Day in the country. But there is a need for common people to understand the significance of the 26th of November day in a much larger context.

Interestingly, recently a film titled ’26 November’ has been announced which will showcase the significance of celebrating the day as the constitutional rights day for the common citizens of the country. The film has been written and directed by Sachin Uradeji while the film has been produced by Anil Kumar Jawade and Nilesh Onkaar.

The film stars Aniket Vishwas Rao, Vaishnavi Kalyankar, Sayaji Shinde, Vijay Patkar, Mushtaq Khan, Bharat Ganesh Pure Dr. Vilas Ujawane and Anjali Ujawane in prominent roles. Talented actors from Vidharbha and Nagpur will also be seen playing important roles in the film.

The story of ’26 November’ revolves around the hero (Aniket Vishwas Rao) who works as a second-class category officer in the PWD department. The hero is greatly inspired by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s idea of India and his father (Mushtaq Khan) is a retired army officer. The whole family is deeply inspired by Babasaheb’s ideology and takes a lot of interest in reading books related to him while following the path shown by him.

The villain of the film Diwan (Sayaji Shinde) is also the Education Minister who wants to build a Medical College on the land illegally acquired from the tribals. Soon the file related to the medical college comes to the protagonist’s table for signing it and sanctioning the project but as an honest officer, the hero refuses to sanction the building of the medical college on the land which legally belongs to the tribals. This somehow becomes the flash point between the hero and the villain of the movie.

The film also raises the issue of supplying water to a Wine factory owned by Diwan instead of supplying the same water to the people of the slums. The film showcases how the hero of the film inspires underprivileged and marginalized people living in the slums to stand up for themselves and fight for their constitutional rights.

The film ’26 November’ also highlights the issue of economic inequalities in our country and exploitation of poor and people with marginal disadvantages. It teaches them to fight for their own constitutional rights. In the end, the film also gives an important message that the constitution doesn’t belong to any one particular caste, community, or religion. Still, it had been made to protect the rights of every citizen in the country. Interestingly, the film also advocates that every school student should be taught the significance of the Constitution from primary itself and every household should also have a copy of the Constitution. The shooting of the film has begun and very soon it will be released in theatres all over the country.

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