Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer focus on Nutrient Energy that corrects cell metabolism

Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer focus on Nutrient Energy

Nagpur :- Number of cancer patients world wide are increasing at alarming speed. Over 2.5 million people are estimated to be living with this disease, Over 7 lakhs new cancer patients are registered every year and cancer related deaths account to 5.5 lakhs per year (1) in India itself. Diagnosis of cancer plays an important role in this as various therapies are dependent upon the stage of cancer.

Ancient Ayurveda has got thousands of years of history in which medicinal herbs, natural ingredients has been the base of treatment. There have been over 3500 studies that have researched over Turmeric and other herbs usage to treat cancer. Ancient Ayurveda treats the ‘Dosha’. Any imbalance in body is due to over or under expression of ‘Dosha’. Cancer cells are always present in the body, but when the functioning of body is balanced and Dosha are in control it would not affect adversely. According to Ancient Ayurved unbalanced physiology leads to malfunctioning of genes and disturbed gene behavior leads to disease like cancer.

Though Allopathy is considered to be the most prominent option in cancer treatment, Ayurvedic treatments too are seen as an alternative healing therapy. Ayurvedic treatment is science based and has proven to be beneficial if followed. Most important feature about Ayurvedic treatment is that it could be started at any stage of cancer.

DS Research Center today on 27th July 2018 that is observed as Head and Neck Cancer Day, would like to aware on Ayurvedic treatment as possible healing option for cancer. Diagnosis of Cancer is a moment wherein patient breaks down mentally more than physically. Ayurveda is a holistic treatment that try to heal body and mind by practicing good lifestyle that inculcates consuming medicinal herbs, Panchkarm, Cleansing of toxins from body etc. We at DS Reserach center use Nutrient Energy in the form of Sarvapisti to correct cell metabolism and treat cancer.

The Parthenogenesis of Cancer begins with abnormal cell division followed by formation of tumor. It could be mentioned that many patients who were denied treatments due to being in advanced stage of cancer are doing well after taking Ayurvedic treatment. The success rate found is 60 – 70% in terminally ill cases.DS Research center is planning to bring mass awareness on Ayurvedic treatment over cancer by conducting camps in association with the local entities here in Nagpur. The city being located in the center of India is considered an important medical hub for various treatments.

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