AIIMS Nagpur released clarification against rumour

aiims nagpur
AIIMS Nagpur

Nagpur: Various fake rumours of COVID-19 infection of AIIMS Nagpur staff at AIIMS has been doing rounds on various medium. AIIMS Nagpur released clarification

“One of our faculty at AIIMS Nagpur, had complaints of low-grade fever, mild cough, rhinitis, myalgia and malaise since evening of 24th of March, No complaints of high-grade fever, breathlessness or respiratory difficulties. There was no history of travel to a COVID-19 affected region and there was no travel to Italy anytime as rumoured. There was no known history of contact with COVID-19 case. Clinical examination was conducted by our team of doctors on 26th of March and the patient was advised home quarantine for 14 days. The nasopharyngeal and oral swab for COVID-19 testing was sent to IGGMC, Nagpur and results of the test is Negative. On the day 3 of illness, our faculty is symptomatically better with no report of fever, is stable and doing well.
All medical and paramedical staff of AIIMS Nagpur are responsible citizens at your service.
It is requested to the public to stay away from rumour-mongering at this time when the nation is fighting against this global pandemic.