A fun affair with Sony SAB’s Wagle family and their fans in Nagpur

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Nagpur, 25th March 2022: Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya which recently completed 300 episodes continues to be an audience’ favourite for its close to life narrative and relatable storyline. Right since its inception, the show has broken the clutter on television reflecting on common man dilemmas, social issues and aspirations that resonate with archetypal Indian households. Overwhelmed with the love showered on the show, the cast of Wagle Ki Duniya visited the city of Nagpur to meet their fans and indulge in a fun time. Headlined by Sumeet Raghavan (Rajesh Wagle) and ParivaPranati (Vandana Wagle), the team was welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement in the city.  

sony sab

Launched as the modern-day rendition of the popular 80s sitcom created by RK Laxman, the show also starring Anjan Srivastava (Srinivas Wagle) and Bharati Achrekar (Radhika Wagle) is set to unravel a gripping series of incidents in the upcoming weeks that’s going to disrupt the Wagles and keep its viewers hooked onto the television screens. While Atharva (Sheehan Kapahi) is trying to look for his apparent twin brother Abhay Wagle, thinking his parents are hiding a big secret from him, Rajesh’s work life is as stressful as it can be with demanding and unreasonable bosses at times. However, with Vandana’s return to being a working woman, she makes her passion into a profession and is happy to be contributing to the family’s expenses.

With all these and more, there are exciting revelations in the pipeline for viewers that’s sure to keep them intrigued about their most favourite family in town. 

Sumeet Raghavan playing the role of Rajesh said,“As a character, Rajesh is special to me because portraying him in Wagle Ki Duniya has allowed me to explore the nuances of daily life in the most beautiful ways. It’s also extremely moving to see the enormous love and wishes our viewers have bestowed upon us. I am delighted to visit Nagpur and interact with our fans here. I love coming back to this city. We launched the show in difficult times, and now to be able to step out and witness all the love and appreciation from our fans is overwhelming.We strive to get the best and most relatable storylines on the show, there’s lots more coming up in the pipeline, keep watching and I’m sure the Wagles’ will keep you thoroughly entertained.”

ParivaPranati essaying the role of Vandana said,“Wagle Ki Duniya allows the audience to easily relate to the characters and connect to their stories. The show addresses relevant societal issues through its storytelling, and such subtle representation makes it easier for people to believe and imbibe the same in their daily lives, Vandana mirrors the woman of today who manages household, her children and her passion effortlessly. It feels amazing to receive so much love and appreciation from our viewers and I am really excited to be present in Nagpur and convey the love back to our fans. 

sony sab

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