A Deep Dive into the Gameplay of Chess


Chess, which is also referred to as the “Game of Kings,” is a highly popular strategy-based board game. The game is played both in the offline and online modes. Even though the offline version offers a realistic feel, the online iterations of the classic board game are more popular among the masses.

To play chess game online, all enthusiasts need is a reliable online chess game on their smartphone paired with an active Internet connection. Irrespective of the mode players choose to indulge in chess matches, they need to play the game as per its official gameplay rules. This article will shed light on how the game of chess is played and cover all aspects related to it. Let us begin:

Objective of Players

The primary objective of players in chess matches is to force their opponent’s main chess piece, namely the king, into checkmate, which is defined as the position where it cannot avoid being captured.

Setting Up the Chessboard

In offline chess matches, individuals need to place all the chess pieces on the chessboard in a specific way. It is set so that the light or white-colored square falls on the bottom right-hand side of players. The chess pieces are then placed on either side of the board.

The second row on each side is filled with pawns. Then, the rooks are placed on the chessboard’s corners, followed by the knights beside them. Then, the bishops are placed beside the knights, and finally, the queen and king are placed on the remaining squares.

Movement of Chess Pieces

Each chess piece moves in a specific manner across the board. Hence, any individual who wishes to start playing chess must be familiar with chess pieces and how they move. Here is a brief look at all the chess pieces and how they move:

  • King – Despite being one of the most important pieces, the king is also deemed the weakest due to its inability to move freely. This chess piece can only move a single square in any direction.
  • Queen – The queen has deemed the most powerful piece on every chessboard since it can move in any straight direction. The queen can easily move forward, backward, sideways, and even diagonally. However, it cannot move through any of the player’s other pieces.
  • Rook – The rook is one of the few chess pieces that can move as far and wide as it wants. However, it can only move forward, backward, or sideward.
  • Bishop – The bishop is a powerful chess piece that can only move diagonally. Every bishop piece on the chess board can start on one color and stay on it throughout the game.
  • Knight – Knights move very differently than the other playing pieces on the chess board. They move two squares in a specific direction and then move another move at a 90-degree angle. In simpler terms, they follow the alphabet “L” when moving.
  • Pawn – Pawns are the first line of defense in chess matches. They are different from the other pieces in terms of movement and capturing, i.e., they move in the forward direction a single square at a time but capture pieces diagonally.

Making the First Move

In a chess match, the player with the white pieces always makes the first move. Now the question arises how do players decide which one will get the white pieces? Well, who gets the white pieces is generally decided by flipping a coin.

After the player with the white pieces makes their move, the player with the black pieces does the same. This pattern continues until the end of the game. Players with the white pieces have a slight advantage over their opponents since they can get a headstart by attacking first.

Different Ways of Ending Chess Matches

There are three ways to end a chess match. Here is a brief look at each:

  1. By Checkmate – As mentioned earlier, the objective of players in chess games is to checkmate their king. This is only possible when the king is put into the check position and is unable to get out of it. Players can try moving the king out of check by trying to move out of the way, blocking the check position using another piece, or capturing the piece which is threatening the king.
  2. By Draw – Although highly unlikely, chess games can end in a draw for numerous reasons. For starters, if there are not enough chess pieces on the board, the game will end in a draw. Similarly, a player can declare a draw if the exact position is repeated in three instances.
  3. By Forfeiting – Due to logical reasons, players can mutually decide to end a chess match in a draw by forfeiting.

Fundamental Strategies Every Player Should Keep in Mind

  • Players should protect their king at all costs by preventing it from falling into the check position. One of the best ways to do this is to move the piece to the board’s corner.
  • Even though the king is highly important, players should try defending every one of their playing pieces since they are the ones who are defending the king.
  • Players should try to gain control of the board’s center using their playing pieces smart;y. Doing so will facilitate them to move their pieces easily and make it harder for their opponents to find good squares.

Any individual who wishes to get started with chess should refer to the aforementioned points to gain clarity about how it is played.

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