6th National Students Parliament on 18th & 19th Jan 2019

Nagpur : Raisoni Group of Institution is organizing its 6th National Students Parliament on January 18th and 19th at the Auditorium of G H Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur. The two days event will have some of the renowned celebrities, eminent thinkers, social activists, entrepreneurs and politicians from across the county as speakers. They will not only interact with the students but will also throw some light on various issues of social and economic importance.

In the first day of inaugural function Mr. Boman Irani, a noted & famous Bollywood Actor, Mr. Bhupendra Yadav, MP, along with Chairman of RGI, Shri. Sunil Raisoni will grace the event with their presence. Eminent speakers will discuss many burning issues and its aspects with the students. The programs schedule along with name of the speakers & sessions are mentioned below.

Day – 1 Date:- Jan 18th from 09.30 am
Session – 1 Title: GDP Vs GDH –Which is more important for a country’s well being?

Dr. Deepsikha Aanand, Mr. Sandeep Bidani, Dr. Prakruti Poddar, Ms. Rujuta Luktuke

Session – 2 Title: In the name of progress is our culture being compromised?

Mr. Vinit Goenka, Ms. Nupur Basu, Mr. Anoop Ratnakar Rao, Ms. Sucharita Palepu

Day – 2 Date:- Jan 19th from 09.30 am
Session – 3 Title: Leadership crisis: Can India survive if Leaders have only Parochial and regional Interests?

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, Mr. Nawab Malik, Mr. Rajesh Badal, Ms. Shubhrashtha Sethi

Session – 4 Title: Human rights, who should be protected?

Mr. Shekhar Naphade, Dr. S. Shantha Kumar, Mr. Tarun Vijay, Mr. Henri Tiphange

Session- 5 Title: Reinventing Zero: Zero Poverty, Zero Corruption ,Zero Terrorism

Mr. Shams Tahir Khan, Mr. Vivek Agnihotri, Ms. Shweta Shalini , Mr. Charan Singh Sapra, Dr. Chandrashekahar DP

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