Khadan Ground Is Becoming The Center Of Football For Central Nagpur

Khadan Ground

NAGPUR: Illegal activities, notorious youths, and paying no heed to any sporting activities were the basic norms in the Khadan Ground area in Central Nagpur. Kids wandered aimlessly during vacations with nothing perspective insight.

The khadan playground located near Gitanjali square was a hub for late-night illegal activities which created fear among the residents around the premises.

Against all odds, Corporator Adv. Sanjay Kumar Balpande and president of Khadan recreation club Lait Shriwas and the team decided to change the lives of kids through football.

People denied to there kids play football. Khadan Recreation team told them about the prospects of playing football and its advantages. Some parents agreed and started sending their kids, Now the Khadan Ground has Junior Level to Senior Level teams.

The player Vasu Dinesh Sen from that team has played National. This is Proud for all people from the khadan ground area. The kids are training harder and learning the nuances of the game quickly.

“NMC provided playing grounds for young persons to play there. It has also developed these grounds by providing necessary facilities. NMC also created this ground in the congested area in Central Nagpur so that the youths from this area should have such a facility and they make careers in sports”-said Nitin Gadkari.

But Some Narrow-Minded Peoples give applications to some NMC officers and Leaders for the Start Marriage function on the khadan ground. on the under-cover of marriage, function restart Illegal activities time again.

But Nagpur Mahanagar Palika(NMC) and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari already told Sports grounds is only for Sports and tournaments and there hall is for Social activity.No marriage Function and Food function will done in Sports ground.

With the support of Adv. Sanjay Kumar Balpande and President of Khadan Recreation Club, KRC team organized “ZHUND ZOPADPATTI FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT”.

And the Vidarbha Kho-Kho association also organized a Vidarbha level kho-kho competition.

The practicing time in the ground evening from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm.