Hanuman Jayanti 2018 Wishes: History, SIgnificance, Celebration, Wishes & Images


Hanuman Jayanti 2018 Wishes, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to mark the birthday of Lord Hanuman.

This year Hanuman Jayanti falls on Saturday 31 March, which corresponds with the 15th day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra. It celebrates Hanuman, the god who represents strength and energy and who can assume any form at will, wield the mace-like gada (plus other celestial weapons), move mountains, dart through the air, seize the clouds and rival Garuda (a bird god) in swiftness of flight.


Once, a great saint named Angira went to visit the heaven king, Indra and welcomed there through the dance presented by a damsel named, Punjiksthala. However, saint was not used of that type dance and started meditating on his God. After the end of dance, he was asked by the Indra about the performance of dance. He was silent and said that I was in deep meditation to my Almighty because I have no interest in such dance. It was very ashamed to the Indra and damsel; she started disappointing the saint and then cursed by the Angira that “Behold! You shall degrade to earth from Swarg. You will be born as a female monkey in the mountain forests”.

She then felt sorry and regretted to the saint then a merciful saint supported her through blessings like, “A great devotee of Paramatma will be born to you. He will forever serve Paramatma”. She became the daughter of Kunjar (king of the monkeys on earth) and got married to the Kapiraj Kesari of the Mount Sumeru. She gave birth to the Hanuman with the help of five divine factors such as curse and blessings of the saint Angira, her prayers, blessings of Lord Shiva, blessings of Vayu deva and Putreshti Yagna’s fruit. It is considered that Lord Shiva had to rebirth as a human being on the earth in his 11th Rudra avatar in the form of Hanuman as He could not serve to the Lord Rama by being in His real form.

The whole Vanara community including all the human fraternity was happy and celebrated his birthday with great enthusiasm and joy by dancing, singing and lots of activities. From then, it was started celebrating as a Hanuman Jayanti by his devotees to get strength and wisdom like him.


Fairs are organised at many places on this day. Some famous places are, Salasar, Mehendipur, Chandpol. fast can be observed by all age group people. All wishes of devotees come true by observing this fast. Lord Hanuman removes all kinds of sufferings and problems of life.


May Lord Hanuman shower his blessings on you always.
Happy Hanuman Jayanti-2018!!

Hanuman Jayanti 2018

I wish joy, Harmony and Prosperity on Hanuman Jayanti for you and your family.
Wishes on Hanuman Jayanti!!

Hanuman Jayanti 2018

Wish you be accompanied with auspiciousness and blessings on Hanuman Jayanti…
Happy Hanuman Jayanti!!

Hanuman Jayanti 2018

May God Hanuman bless you with Power and Wisdom.
Happy Hanuman Jayanti!!

Hanuman Jayanti 2018

Let us pray Anjaneya Swami on this auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti and get blessing to become successful in life.
Happy Hanuman Jayanti-2018!!

Hanuman Jayanti 2018

Hanuman is an ardent devotee of god Rama, and is worshipped for his unflinching devotion to the God.
Happy Hanuman Jayanti-2018!!

Hanuman Jayanti 2018

May Lord Hanuman bless your life with happiness, peace and prosperity. Wish you all a very Happy Hanuman Jayanti!!

Hanuman Jayanti 2018

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