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Rise in COVID cases, India reviews 18,819 high-quality in remaining 24 hours

India recorded 18,819 new coronavirus instances in the closing 24 hours, taking the whole range of COVID-19 instances to 4,34,52,164. According to the Union Health Ministry statistics up to date today, the lively instances rose to 104,555 today. The dying be counted climbed to 5,25,116 with 39 new COVID fatalities in India. The lively instances include 0.21 per...
Covid cases

Nagpur Has Reported 65 New Cases. Active Patients 400-Mark

Nagpur: The Second Capital of the State detected 65 fresh Covid-19 cases on Tuesday. Again, no death has been reported in the Nagpur district and 36 persons have been successfully recovered in a day....
Covid cases

Nagpur Reported 37 New Instances Of COVID-19, Including 392 Active Patients.

Nagpur: On Monday, 37 new cases of COVID-19 were discovered in the state's second capital. Once more, there have been no recorded fatalities in the Nagpur district, and 17 people have been successfully found...
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India Records 17,073 New Covid Cases

India Recorded 17,073 new coronavirus infections, increasing the number to 4,34,074,046, and the number of active cases has been increasing to 94,420, Union Health Ministry said on Monday. The death toll is now up to...
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Nagpur Has A High Recovery Rate For COVID-19 Cases

Nagpur - Sixty people were cured of coronavirus in Nagpur on Friday. The cumulative recovery now stands at 5,67,953. The active cases are affected by the good number of recoveries. However, active cases rose by only 5. The active...
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Nagpur Reports 65 Fresh Cases, Active Patients At 355

Nagpur : The second Capital of the State detected 65 cases of Covid-19 that were newly discovered on Friday. Another time, there has not been a death. been recorded in Nagpur. Nagpur district, and 60...
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Covid-19 Nagpur Has Reported 95 New Cases Active Patients With 350

Nagpur: The second Capital of the State detected an astounding 95 new instances of Covid-19 on the day. There has been no fatality been confirmed in Nagpur. Nagpur district, and 41 people were successfully rescued...
विराट कोहली

Virat Kohli Tests COVID Positive

India's visit to England could be cancelled if COVID-19 was discovered in the Indian team. Virat Kohli is reported to have been positive for the Covid-19 virus together with several other players. However the former India...
Covid cases

In The Past 24 Hours, Nagpur Has Registered 37 New Covid-19 Cases

Nagpur: On Tuesday, there were 37 cases of Covid-19werte in Nagpur district. Out of the 37 cases, 14 were in Nagpur rural and 23 were positive for novel coronavirus. These cases added up to 5,78,468. It is...
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India Has Reported 9,923 COVID Cases And 17 Deaths In The Last 24 Hours

The Union health ministry reported that India's COVID-19 total rise to 4,33,193,396 on Tuesday. There were 9,923 new cases and an increase of 79,313. Figures updated at 8:15 a.m. show that the death toll has...

Nagpur announces the addition of 72 Corona instances on the Sunday. active cases total...

Nagpur: Nagpur district experienced a dramatic rise in COVID cases Sunday, with 72 people testing positive for novel coronavirus increasing the number of active cases for the entire district up to 329. Of the of...
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61 Corona Cases On A Single Day In Nagpur

Nagpur: Vidarbha region reported 110 new cases of Covid in the last 24 hours, including 61 of them in Nagpur district alone. The region has reported 100+ spike for the first time after February...

Panic In Two Patients Suffering From Omicron BA 5 Variant Found In Nagpur

Nagpu: The fear of death was felt by Nagpurians when two patients suffering from Omicron BA 5 variant were discovered in the city on Thursday. Two patients are a woman who is 45 years old and...

Nagpur: Covid-19 reports 44 new cases and active patients at 278

Nagpur: On Thursday, the Second Capital of the State discovered 44 new Covid-19 cases. There has been no reported death in Nagpur, and 19 people were successfully rescued in one day. Of total 44 cases, 17...

Nagpur dist reports 50 COVID cases, 253 active

On Wednesday, Nagpur district registered an increase in daily COVID with 50 cases. The Active case count rose to 253. The chief of Nagpur Municipal Corporation has appealed for proper COVID-19 rules to be followed...
India Reports 8,582 New COVID Cases

India Reports 8,582 New COVID Cases

On Sunday, India reported 8,582 new coronavirus infections, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 4,32,22,017, according to the Health Ministry. In addition, four virus-related deaths were reported yesterday, bringing the total...
Covid Cases Increase But There Isn't Any Testing Is Conducted At Nagpur Railway Station

Covid Cases Increase But There Isn’t Any Testing Is Conducted At Nagpur Railway Station

Nagpur: With the possibility of Covid-19's fourth wave becoming large , and Nagpur being the Second Capital of the State is also seeing a steady rise in new Covid cases and the local government...
Coronavirus cases: 41% jump in India, 81% in Maharashtra

Nagpur Records 29 New COVID-19 Cases In 24 Hours

After months of registering single-digit COVID-19 cases the looming threat of coronavirus once again is on rampant. According to the data, the Orange City on Friday registered 29 new COVID-19 cases. Administration are already on...
Threat of 4th Wave Looming But Citizens Ignoring Booster Shot In Nagpur

Threat of 4th Wave Looming But Citizens Ignoring Booster Shot In Nagpur

Nagpur: Despite apprehension of fourth novel Coronavirus (covid-19) wave in July, the people of Second Capital of the State do not seem to be bothered. It is pertinent to mention that Nagpur district has already...

COVID-19 returns: NMC to increase testing at stations, airport, malls

On Tuesday, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation administration issued an alarm after 25 positive COVID-19 cases were discovered in the area, 15 of which were from the city alone. The increase follows a steady rise in...
Covid Cases Increase But There Isn't Any Testing Is Conducted At Nagpur Railway Station

Covid-19: Nagpur Reports 15 New Cases On Wednesday

Nagpur: The novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases witnessed slight drop in last 24-hours. On Wednesday, the New Covid-19 cases fell to 15 compared to 25 on Tuesday. Again, no death has been reported in the...
Coronavirus cases: 41% jump in India, 81% in Maharashtra

Coronavirus cases: 41% jump in India, 81% in Maharashtra

India reported 5,233 new Coronavirus cases on Wednesday, 41 per cent more than the previous day, as infections soared sharply in several states. The surge was led by Maharashtra, which recorded 1,881 new coronavirus cases...
Covid Cases Increase But There Isn't Any Testing Is Conducted At Nagpur Railway Station

Nagpur Reports 25 New Covid Cases In Last 24-Hours

Nagpur: After a long gap, cases of novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) crossed the double digit mark in the Second Capital of the State, as a total 25 New cases were detected on Tuesday. Amid the...

People coming from Delhi spreading Covid-19 in Nagpur,” Dr Nitin Raut

Nagpur: With increase again of novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in Second Capital of the State, Maharashtra Power and Guardian Minister Dr Nitin Raut expressed concern and made a controversial statement that people coming to...

Nagpur sees rise in Covid cases

Nagpur: Covid-19 cases increased marginally in Nagpur district on Sunday as compared to the cases recorded on Saturday. Five persons tested positive for coronavirus in the district out of whom three are from rural...
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At 3,962, India’s Daily Covid Count Shows Drop

India logged a single-day rise of 3,962 coronavirus infections and 26 fatalities, pushing the overall tally to 4,31,72,547 cases and 5,24,677 deaths, according to Union health ministry data updated on Saturday. The data updated at...
Nagpur sees 17 new Corona cases

Nagpur sees 17 new Corona cases

Nagpur: The Vidarbha region recorded a spike of 17 new Covid cases, including 9 from Nagpur alone, on Wednesday. This is for the first time after March 16 when 20 cases were detected across...
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Nagpur reports 5 new Covid-19 cases in May

Nagpur: For the first time in May, Nagpur city reported as many as five new Covid cases in a single day on Sunday. Test count in the city also increased to 861. Daily tests...
booster dose

Take booster, says SMS to 18-59 age group, but nowhere to go for paid...

Nagpur: The precaution dose of Covid-19 vaccines has been allowed for the 18+ population group from April 10. More than 15 days later, thousands of citizens in this age group becoming eligible for the...

No new Covid-19 case in Nagpur, active cases stand at 5

Nagpur: No new case of Covid-19 was reported in Nagpur on Tuesday. A total of 508 tests was conducted on the day against Monday’s 197. None of them tested positive. All five patients in...

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